Hurricane Preparedness 2017-2018 Storm Season


Are you prepared for the 2017-2018 Storm Season???


Here are some helpful tips to get you started:



Important Information from National Hurricane Center


Hurricane season is June 1-November 30. For tropical storm advisories and other storm information, visit the National Hurricane Center 

"History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster." (NHC, 2012)

National Hurricane Center provides helpful information in the following links:  

Hurricane Prepardness Week

Storm Surge Overview

Article to Read: NOAA predicts a near-normal 2012 Atlantic hurricane season




Important Information from Citizens



Storm Center 

"The Citizens Storm Center provides you with online tools and resources to help you prepare against unexpected losses, as part of our mission to serve the people of Florida by providing property and casualty insurance protection and superior customer service" (Citizens, 2012)

Citizens provides the following links that will help you prepare against unexpected losses:

Personal Protection

Diasaster Preparedness

Diasaster Assistance

Evacuation Routes


Protect Your Property

"Protecting your property against storm damage can be costly, but history has taught us that reducing the impact of storm damage can save lives and property. The Florida Division of Emergency Management offers information about federal funding that may be available to Florida communities and individuals seeking assistance in mitigating storm-related property damage" (Citizens, 2012)

You also may want to include the following in your preparation plans:

  • Protect windows with shutters, plywood panels or other types of wind-resistant barriers.
  • Trim dead or weak branches from trees.
  • Maintain the exterior insulation-finishing system (EIFS), also referred to as synthetic stucco.
  • Reinforce double-entry doors and garage doors.
  • Secure siding and roofs.
  • Brace gable-end roof framing.

Federal Safe Alliance for Safe Homes

Blueprint for Safety



Important Information from Trusted Choice



Article to Read: Be Ready When the Wind Starts Blowing: Hurricane Preparedness

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